Is Google to blame for my misconceptions?

We had an interesting discussion last week about how individuals can evaluate the reliability of information on the ever-fluid internet.  After all, if anyone can edit Wikipedia, it might be wrong!

The truth is, though, that every human throughout history has held ultimate responsibility for what they call “True.”  For a long time, we outsourced this decision making to the experts who wrote encyclopedias and newspapers, and, of course, we still often pass on our duty to think for ourselves.  We call this “peer review.”

Of course I’m being facetious, as there’s no way anyone could dedicate the time required to truly investigate every claim they encountered.  At some point you have to trust someone. Still, it’s nothing new that I have to think for myself.  Now, I just have much more information at hand with which I can make a decision.

fictional jimbo wales, you old charmer!


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