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Functional genomics in the classroom

I’m currently attending the ASM General Meeting in San Diego, and the first session I attended this morning was titled “Functional Genomics in the Classroom,” which focused on a few case studies aimed at educating “New Biologists” – the next generation of biologists who, among other things, are more specialized in their area of expertise and must consequently excel at collaboration.  These efforts all incorporated actual research into the course design by allowing the students to choose experiments to attempt and working together to execute and interpret.  It seems that functional genomics is especially suited for uniting teaching and research because it is very versatile and can be largely data driven.  This drives costs per student pretty low in comparison to traditional molecular biology studies.

If you’re interested, I’m experimenting with using twitter during the conference, so you can follow my tweets here. Also check out the hashtag for the conference: #asmgm